Thursday, August 6, 2009

RX-7 Amemiya

RX-7 is a very legendary sports car by Mazda that had stop to produce again. RX-7 is equipped with rotary 1.300 cc engine that the standard produce 275 hp. It make RX-7 is very impressive car that had many time modified by many tuners. Tuner’s modification experience could affect the result of the modified modification.

The modification story began when Dayu, the business man from Yogyakarta watched JGTC in Sepang. He shown an exiting Mazda RX-7 by RE Amemiya that very shiny in JGTC and D1 Drift GP. RE Amemiya modification experience and lots of modification stories make Dayu wanted to buy the RE Amemiya RX-7 engine.
This RX-7 engine is very special, because it can produce about 800 hp! It’s a lot different with standard RX-7 engine. The difference is about 525 hp! Equal with the LP 550 standard horsepower. It shown that RE Amemiya has many modification experience and modification story.
After the engine sector done with RE Amemiya engine, now Dayu changes the exterior sector. Equipped with C-West Sporty bodykit, make this RX-7 is so racing aura. Because the concept is JGTC JDM racing concept, this car colored with white color. It’s about to increase racing JDM aura that wanted by the owner.
For the undercarriage sector, Dayu uses Volk Racing TE37 18 inch and Falken Azenis 235/40ZR18. For the aerodynamic, C-West is very impressive item that designed well and have a good airflow. That caused of C-west modification experience and modification story. Good one. . .
MODIFICATION HOUSES: Engine: Mazda Jakarta, Letjen S. Parman, Jakarta Barat Audio: Concept Audio, Parangtritis, Yogyakarta SPESIFIKASI: Body kit C-West, velg Volk Racing TE37 18x(8+8,5) inch, Falken Azenis ST115 235/40ZR18 & 265/35ZR18 tire, front brake D2 8 pot, turbo timer Pivot, blow off HKS, twin air filter A’PEXi, head unit Alpine CDA-9835, multimedia manager (PXA) Alpine RUX-C 701, power Prokick DG-800 & Crescendo P.475, digital surround manager Alpine PXA-H701, twin MC-15H Mass Engineering 1,5 F
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