Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jazz / Fit RS by Autoline

Jazz / Fit is very popular hatchback in Japan and Indonesia. This car is so popular because it aerodynamic design, engine performance, fun-to-drive, economic fuel, brand image, and the most important for us, easy to modify. So, lets explore your modification experience.

Autoline, some of popular Indonesian tuner, that have many modification experience and modification stories, want to make a replica of J’s Fit that show off in legal race. So, many changes of this car that already done by Autoline.
First, custom bodykit. Custom design performed well by Autoline designer that replica of full bumper J’s racing carbon canard that had configure airflow, downforce and also, state of art. Large airdam plus carbon fibre fender fin, perfect combination of handling and art. For the rear sector, carbon diffuser applied. Autoline modification experience and much modification stories had shown in this car.
The next changes, engine. Autoline feel standard Fit performsnce isn’t enough. So, Zage turbo kit applied perfectly in this car. Zage is turbo kit from Thailand. For the dyno test, 167 hp on wheel reached by this Fit. Again, Autoline expert modification experience had shown in this car. This turbo kit is only plug-&-play system.
High output engine is very tasteless without better handling. So, Autoline use coilover HKS Hypermax S-Concept, strut bar J’s Racing, velg Volks Racing CE-28 and Project µ. So, there many item that produce by expert manufacturer. Their modification experience is very trusted and tested so their quality is trustable.
Other parts that will emphasize the J’s racing Fit are front strutbar, rear pillar bar, room bar and very lightweight exhaust all from J’s racing. That all brand new component for Fit that fitted in Fit GE Concept by J’s. J’s modification experience is too much until they can make many type of Fit’s parts.
The most change that very affect J’s Fit racing car is cutting sticker. Yellow color for the base color, with purple vinyl combined with black sticker. It so racing JDM Fit. So, you wanna try this?
MODIFICATION HOUSE: Engine: SS Performance Shop, Supratman, Bandung Body kit: Autoline, Arteri Kedoya (Panjang), Jakarta Barat Audio: Grand Prix Audio, Lingkar Selatan, Bandung Sticker: Wien’s Sticker, Arteri Kedoya (Panjang), Jakarta Barat SPESIFIKASI: Turbo kit Zage, oil cooler Zage, centre pipe Kansai, muffler J’s Racing Titanium, piggyback Dastek Unichip type Q+ & turbo module, throttle control & x-drive, rem Project µ, inginition spark Pivot, volt stabilizer Pivot, air filter Zage, front strutbar + rear pillar bar + room bar J’s Racing, oil cap J’s Racing, radiator cap Pivot, coilover HKS Hypermax S-Compact, velg Volks Rays CE-28 16x7 inci, ban Yokohama Advan Neova 205/50R16, lug nut Project µ, body kit J’s Racing, custom sticker, carbon spoiler Mugen, carbon engine hood Spoon, stop lamp Honda Fit + 3rd lamp, LED lamp J’s Racing, head lamp bulb HID Autovision 8000 K, antenna Spoon, red emblem Honda, teflon paint protection, Llumar window film super black series, Bride Cuga limited edition seat, seat belt Takata, shift knob Spoon, alarm Clifford Matrix 3.3, rpm + water temp + oil press + turbo boost indicator Defi Meter, pedal set Mugen, J’s Racing steering wheel, key cover Type-R, head unit Alpine CDA-9855, TV single din Alpine 7 inch, 2 power PPi Promos 2 kanal, power monoblock Sierra, speaker depan Fabolous Accosutic FA2, sub Treo Engineering 10 inci, cap bank Mass Engineering 2 F, speaker cable Monster, RCA Cable Monster & Neotech Billy’s thanks to: God, family and friends, GENJI Community, SS Performance Shop Bandung, Autoline & Wien’s Sticker Jakarta, Grand Prix Audio Bandung, PT. Morenahama Indonesia
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