Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Special “Lizard” from Porsche (Cayman 2009)

Porsche is very spectacular sports car from Germany. This manufacturer was some first sport car manufacturer in the world. Porsche have many product line up especially for coupe. But, nowadays, Porsche has a SUV and big Sedans saloon. So, Porsche was listed by world in some exotic car. How about to modify it? Don’t worry, because there’s many tuners that have a lot of modification experiences and modification stories.

This Cayman is the last model of Cayman. Cayman is a model that combine some element of legendary Porsche car, 911 with the lowest class in Porsche line up, Boxster. It take between the price and feature from both 911 and Boxster too. So, we look the front side of Cayman, it take the 911 model. And for the back side, it take Boxster style. So, let the popular tuner that have a lot of modification story and modification experience take the portion to modify it.
Because the price factor and the exoticism matter, the owner didn’t want any custom parts or unpopular tuner to take a portion to modify it. And, the owner trust TechArt to modify his Cayman. That we know, Cayman is very impressive car. And TechArt is very popular tuner that already often modifies Porsche line up.
TechArt were very often modifies Porsche line up. So, their modification experience is nothing to doubt again. Yes, they also have a many modification story too. The most appearing parts from TechArt is the bodykit. Lips spoiler add on is very reasonable to applied in this car. Yes, because this exotic car has an exotic streamline too that seems pity to break it.
The second parts that takes a special look for this Porsche is the velg. It 5-spoke with brush finishing in 19 inch looks very sporty (and lightweight too). Seems TechArt modification experience and modification story is too perfect to design body parts for Porsche. Nice one.
MODIFICATION HOUSES : Concept Motorsport, Kelapa Gading Permai, North Jakarta SPESIFIKASI: Lips spoiler TechArt, wing TechArt Type I, TechArt mirror, velg TechArt 19x(8,5+11) inch, Toyo Proxes tire T1R 235/35ZR19 & 285/30ZR19, coilover TechArt, TechArt muffler, door sill plate TechArt .
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