Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Land Cruiser AX200

Toyota Land Cruiser is true legendary SUV from the past world(haha). Because of it strength, performance, and durability, Land Cruiser became very popular and legendary car among Toyota products. Toyota Land Cruiser is often modified so, it has many modification experience and modification stories. Many tuner that already modify it. So, there a many product to apply nin Land Cruiser.

This Land Cruiser had changed for twice, and this photo session is the last changes. AX200 is the last Land Cruiser Generation that had given a good performance, better design and limousine luxurious. So, that very wise way to modify it with elegant or off-road concept. And didn’t need a much modification experience to apply it.
The most appearing item for this LC is the bodykit. Elford, is a brand from the Japan country. Via meiwa-net, front bumper, rear bumper, side skirt, over fender, tailpipe ala LS460, eye lid and mirror cover were ordered. It must purchase for US$ 40,000.
This bodykit made from FRP, that had been perfectly build and ensure the durability and resistance. It because Elford modification experience to build custom bodykit didn’t need to doubed.
The design of this bodykit is very aristocrat. Front bumper that simple but boombing, rear bumper with muffler that copy the Lexus LS460 design. Eye lid that make difference with other this Land Cruiser.
For the handling sector, this LC uses Zeal spring. It can reduce high about 3 – 4 finger. So, Velg iForged Technik looks very proportional with Land Cruiser body streamline. Very nice modification, that brings nice modification experience and also modification story.
MODIFICATION HOUSES: Triwa, Pondok Petir (Sawangan), Depok Audio: Baze Audio, Kedoya, Jakarta Barat Velg &: Permaisuri, Mahakam, Jakarta Selatan SPECIFICATION Front bumper Elford, rear bumper Elford, over fender Elford Aero Type, tail pipe Lexus LS460 Elford, mirror Rick’s, cover mirror Elford, eye lid JAOS, GPS Garmin, mirror D.A.D Garson, head unit Kenwood, power Rockford Fosgate, speaker 5.1 Rockford Fosgate, velg iForged Technik 24x10 inch, Toyo Proxes ST 305/35ZR24, Zeal spring.


RX-8 Lady Veilside by Fraton.

RX-8 is famous Mazda Sportcar line up after RX-7, legendary Mazda Sportcar. Rotary engine is the icon and mascot for the RX-8. RX-8 is very popular among many sportscar that often show in illegal races, race movie, etc. So, with some modification experience we can make a good RX-8, not besides female!!

Woman emancipation had affected into modification world. We look in To Fast To Furious. There a lady that very clever and smart to modify some racing car and go to the race instead. So, in Indonesia, there another woman that wanna be like the woman in To Fast To Furious.

That girl use RX-8 for her first modification experience about racing car. Because of above reason, this girl step – by step build an amazing racing car same as man. Fraton, tuner that trusted to upgrade this RX-8 for Renesis racing style. So, they must explore their modifiation stories to maximize this RX-8.
First, Veilside D1 GT bodykit. This bodykit covered well the RX-8 body streamline. Big airdam in front sector make the RX-8 is look so impressive. GT wing from C-West is also making the racing aura for this RX-8 raised. Fraton maximized their modification experience into a great result.
Velg Veilside Evolution V 5 spoke 19(8x9) inch applied well for this car. Combined with Falken tire 235/35R19. And also, Brembo 4 pot brake calipers for the better brake distance. For a better handling, Strut bar from GReddy applied in front axle and back axle. GReddy is famous tuner from Sakura country that produce performance parts well because their modification experience.
For the engine sector that important for racing theme car, Fraton only use stage 1 full GReddy. Suction Kit, SP2 Muffler and pulley that’s all from GReddy. And for the last sector and the important sector for the owner, Audio, trusted to JL Audiowork. SPL is the audio theme for this car. So, Audioworks must explore their own modification experience to done it well because an audio in racing car must not be heavy.
For this car, MDF used to make audio frame. The design gives the center space. It referred to a “center” audio sound type. 2 Venom V 4012 Subwoofer apply in right and left side. Power are placed in center and speaker placed on top. This configuration will produce high-end sound qualities.
MODIFICATION HOUSES: Body, engine & accessories: Fraton, Jl. Perusahaan 88, Malang Audio: SL Audio, Letjen Sutoyo, Malang SPECIFICATION: Custom body kit VeilSide D1 GT, custom carbon GT Wing C-West, emblem VeilSide, air funnel Billion, custom cutting sticker, velg VeilSide Evolution V 19x(8+9) inci, Falken 235/35R19 tire, brake rotor Brembo 320 mm, brake kaliper Brembo 4 pot, per H&R Sport, strut bar (front) GReddy, strut bar (rear) GReddy, lower arm bar GReddy, exhaust system GReddy SP 2, air filter Greddy Gracer Airinx, oil catch tank GReddy, pulley kit GReddy, oil filter cap GReddy, high pressure radiator cap GReddy, air diversion panel GReddy, oil filter Greddy, spark plug HKS Super Fire, ground wire HKS, nitrous kit ZEX dry nitro, super air charge Hurricane, voltage stabilizer Pivot Raizin Spark Type S, bucket seat Sparco Torino Racing seat, safety belt Takata 4 point, pedal set Sparco, shift knob MOMO, engine start Pivot, full auto timer indicator GReddy, full indicator meter Auto Gauge, nitrous bottle ZEX, custom street roll bar 4 point, custom floor mat & border MOMO, head unit OEM, power Venom 4 channels V 460 S, power Venom Monoblock V 1600 D, 2 sub Venom VX4012 12 inch, rear speaker Venom VX 603 6 inch, battery cable Stinger 4 AWG, cable audio Monster Cable, cable RCA Audio Line + Speaker cable Domination


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jazz / Fit RS by Autoline

Jazz / Fit is very popular hatchback in Japan and Indonesia. This car is so popular because it aerodynamic design, engine performance, fun-to-drive, economic fuel, brand image, and the most important for us, easy to modify. So, lets explore your modification experience.

Autoline, some of popular Indonesian tuner, that have many modification experience and modification stories, want to make a replica of J’s Fit that show off in legal race. So, many changes of this car that already done by Autoline.
First, custom bodykit. Custom design performed well by Autoline designer that replica of full bumper J’s racing carbon canard that had configure airflow, downforce and also, state of art. Large airdam plus carbon fibre fender fin, perfect combination of handling and art. For the rear sector, carbon diffuser applied. Autoline modification experience and much modification stories had shown in this car.
The next changes, engine. Autoline feel standard Fit performsnce isn’t enough. So, Zage turbo kit applied perfectly in this car. Zage is turbo kit from Thailand. For the dyno test, 167 hp on wheel reached by this Fit. Again, Autoline expert modification experience had shown in this car. This turbo kit is only plug-&-play system.
High output engine is very tasteless without better handling. So, Autoline use coilover HKS Hypermax S-Concept, strut bar J’s Racing, velg Volks Racing CE-28 and Project µ. So, there many item that produce by expert manufacturer. Their modification experience is very trusted and tested so their quality is trustable.
Other parts that will emphasize the J’s racing Fit are front strutbar, rear pillar bar, room bar and very lightweight exhaust all from J’s racing. That all brand new component for Fit that fitted in Fit GE Concept by J’s. J’s modification experience is too much until they can make many type of Fit’s parts.
The most change that very affect J’s Fit racing car is cutting sticker. Yellow color for the base color, with purple vinyl combined with black sticker. It so racing JDM Fit. So, you wanna try this?
MODIFICATION HOUSE: Engine: SS Performance Shop, Supratman, Bandung Body kit: Autoline, Arteri Kedoya (Panjang), Jakarta Barat Audio: Grand Prix Audio, Lingkar Selatan, Bandung Sticker: Wien’s Sticker, Arteri Kedoya (Panjang), Jakarta Barat SPESIFIKASI: Turbo kit Zage, oil cooler Zage, centre pipe Kansai, muffler J’s Racing Titanium, piggyback Dastek Unichip type Q+ & turbo module, throttle control & x-drive, rem Project µ, inginition spark Pivot, volt stabilizer Pivot, air filter Zage, front strutbar + rear pillar bar + room bar J’s Racing, oil cap J’s Racing, radiator cap Pivot, coilover HKS Hypermax S-Compact, velg Volks Rays CE-28 16x7 inci, ban Yokohama Advan Neova 205/50R16, lug nut Project µ, body kit J’s Racing, custom sticker, carbon spoiler Mugen, carbon engine hood Spoon, stop lamp Honda Fit + 3rd lamp, LED lamp J’s Racing, head lamp bulb HID Autovision 8000 K, antenna Spoon, red emblem Honda, teflon paint protection, Llumar window film super black series, Bride Cuga limited edition seat, seat belt Takata, shift knob Spoon, alarm Clifford Matrix 3.3, rpm + water temp + oil press + turbo boost indicator Defi Meter, pedal set Mugen, J’s Racing steering wheel, key cover Type-R, head unit Alpine CDA-9855, TV single din Alpine 7 inch, 2 power PPi Promos 2 kanal, power monoblock Sierra, speaker depan Fabolous Accosutic FA2, sub Treo Engineering 10 inci, cap bank Mass Engineering 2 F, speaker cable Monster, RCA Cable Monster & Neotech Billy’s thanks to: God, family and friends, GENJI Community, SS Performance Shop Bandung, Autoline & Wien’s Sticker Jakarta, Grand Prix Audio Bandung, PT. Morenahama Indonesia
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Friday, July 24, 2009

Galant V6 by VAJ

Galant is a popular sedans line up from Mitsubishi. Based with V6 engine, it make Galant is a fast car. Equal with Lancer. So, that a good basic to modify it with racing style, isn’t it?. Maybe need a good modification experience to make Galant become better.

VAJ was took a project from female that wanted her Galant dressed-up with racing accessories and racing parts. Because VAJ has much modification experience, they accept it with a pride. And, project started!
First, for a good looking racing concept, exterior designed custom by VAJ. The inspiration is come from Black Bison Wald design bodykit. Not only one design, but two designs combined well to apply in this Galant. It’s from GT-R R35 and IS200 Black Bison. Wald modification experience is trusted among many bodykit tuners. Whoo, it’s really brilliant idea.
From the R35 shape was used only for the front section, that typically similar with Evo X sharp shape. And the IS200 shape was used in side sector. This custom bodykit is very match with Galant nut body that semi-boxy and inflexible streamline. So, this combined really give us an inspiration to make our custom bodykit design by example of popular tuners bodykit.
For the side skirt section, it’s really pure custom by VAJ. It causes to match front bumper design and great design rear bumper. The rear bumper design maybe gives us a good modification story. Why? Because it design is very innovative. It’s inspired with IS200 Black Bison. Ladder type quad muffler custom is nice one, isn’t it? It’s very good modification experience. Basically, it’s made from 4 pieces Autocuoture muffler.
So, let us see more specifications :
MODIFICATION HOUSE: VAJ, Ambengan Jaya, Surabaya SPECIFICATIONS: Custom body kit, custom wing, custom wide body, rear lamp Mitsubishi Galant VR-4, velg 5Zigen Gravis 20x8,5 inch, Toyo Proxes 225/35ZR20 & 235/35ZR20 tires, spring SBM, strutbar Tanabe, custom header 4-1, muffler Tanabe Medallion + tail pipe Auto Couture, oil catch tank Cusco, jok Bride Ergo 2, safety belt Sparco, shift knob MOMO, stir MOMO, hand brake MOMO, pedal set MOMO, floor mat MOMO, dashboard covered by carbon, door trim covered by leather Bride, head unit Pioneer DEH-P7950UB, front speaker SoundStream 6,5 inch, 2 sub SoundStream, power SoundStream 4 channel, cap bank Symbion 1 F, Symbion cables.
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Twin Evolution X from RD-GR Performance

Evolution X is very good car for modify because it’s aerodynamic design and performance with it’s fun to drive factor. It’s maybe become a good reason why many tuners wanted to modify this car. So of it, RD-GR modify twin black Evolution X that touch all sector in this twin car. It will upgrade their modification experience and improve modification story to attract more customer.

This twin black Evo are equipped with high performance engine parts. This parts can boost up this twin Evo until 350 – 400 hp’s. “actually, Evo X engine can handle up 800 hp’s. But, Evo’s standard transmission only can handle up to 400 hp”. It’s surely give modification experience and modification story among modification-aholic.
For the first Evo, alloy intake box ARC, titanium top intercooler pipe ARC, exhaust system titanium ARC, intercooler ARC, intercooler pipe 60 mm HKS and boost controller EVC HKS. Also, reflash ECU by TEK that coordinate each other and united to produce 350 hp. From upgrade above, ECU reflashed by TEK that have most contribution for 350 hp. TEK modification experience can bring a perfect performance for this Evo. Released a speed limiter, adjust ignition timing, fuel timing and boost pressure. “1,1 bar boost pressure at first became 1,7 bar at finish”. So, 350 hp is possible reached.
For the second Evo, it have a same specifications. But, it only different brand for the intercooler. AMS intercooler applied because when the second Evo wanted to apply ARC intercooler, its out of stock. But, both ARC and AMS have a same specification so it will produce same power. Good one for a good modification experience.
For the first Evo, it also equipped with very responsive brake system by HKS. With 6 pots on front and 4 pots on rear that make this Evo feel so rapid. Yes, because made from forged alloy and high quality rotor. For this item, RD-GR must purchase US$ 8,500. Modification experience and various modification stories to made top quality racing parts make HKS is often used when someone want to make JDM racer concept.
For the handling section, except exchange into light weight rims, RD-GR also used coilover suspension by RS*R. For this item, RD-GR must purchase US$ 2,500.
MODIFICATION HOUSE: RD-GR Performance, Raya Kembangan, Jakarta Barat SPECIFICATIONS: EVO X RD-GR CZ4A 01 Velg Advan RS 18x9 inch, Yokohama Advan Neova 245/45ZR18 tires, coil over RS-R Sport-i, front brake HKS 6 pot & rear HKS 4 pot, alloy intake box ARC, titanium top intercooler pipe ARC, exhaust system titanium ARC, intercooler ARC, intercooler pipe 60 mm HKS, boost controller EVC HKS, computer reflash ECU TEK, oil HKS 350-360, HKS Super Fire Racing M40SL spark. EVO X RD-GR CZ4A 02 Velg Advan RG2 18x9 inch, alloy intake box ARC, titanium top intercooler pipe ARC, exhaust system titanium ARC, intercooler pipe 60 mm HKS, intercooler AMS, boost controller EVC HKS, computer reflash ECU TEK, oil HKS 350-360, HKS Super Fire Racing M40SL spark.
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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lancer Evolution X by Ordy

Lancer Evolution X is the last generation of legendary Evolution series. CZ4A (Lancer Evolution X) is very impressive car because 280 hp on engine combined with legendary sharp platform of evolution, better aerodynamic design and 4-wheel drive drivetrain. Its make many person who modify it feel a good modification experience or modification story.

Lancer Evolution X is the last generation of legendary Evolution series. CZ4A (Lancer Evolution X) is very impressive car because 280 hp on engine combined with legendary sharp platform of evolution, better aerodynamic design and 4-wheel drive drivetrain. Its make many person who modify it feel Ordy is someone that had one of this special car. Ordy is like much of us, modification-aholic. So, although Evo is stylish and fast car, Ordy still need to upgrade his car. Within his modification experience with FD2 (Civic Type R), Ordy started his project.
Ordy’s modification concept is JDM street racing. So, white car is very support to get maximum result of this modification project. To maximalize his Evo, Carbon hood and carbon trunk supported by Seibon. Seibon is famous tuner in U.S that produce light weight parts from carbon fibre. Their modification experience and long time modification story made Seibon often used by many people that need light weight performance body parts.
One more unique part from this car is the velg. Seibon take corporate with Volk Racing that made special TE37, most popular racing velg. Seibon that specialize of carbon fibre parts make special Carbon fiber Edition TE37. Stronger and lighter surely. How an expert modification experience to build it up?
The last modification parts of this car is suspension system. HKS Hipermax III is the most reliable parts for this car because, it’s only plug in part with Evo and designed special for Evo X. 30 settings for bound and rebound that very impressive parts for this Evo. Lets get it on!
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a good modification experience or modification story.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX GSR by Raevo Hikari

Lancer Evolution. This car could be most legendary car for Mitsubishi. Started from 90’s, Lancer Evolution a.k.a Lance Evo or Evo became very popular sports car among fast car in the world. Lance Evo became some of most wanted sports car because it performance and handling equal with another sports car than have price doubled or tripled with Lance Evo. .

And now, the ninth generation of legendary Evolution, modified sharply with tuner that have many modification experience and modification story. So, what will happen in this Lancer Evolution IX GSR?
Based with sporty platform, made the tuner only to approve its inner beauty, speed and performance. So, street racing concept decided by the tuner. The first item that originally shown a street racing car is the bodykit. Voltex bodykit covered it well. In the front, we will look carbon fiber fender fin that improve downforce and also, street racing style. Voltex modification experience and long journey modification stories made many bodykit that have a good aerodynamic design.
The next primary exterior item is huge rear GT wing. Also from Voltex. This item really improve downforce for rear section that increase handling in high speed. This carbon fiber wing performed and designed perfectly through Voltex modification experience. The diffuser under this wing also minimize turbulence
Done with exterior, engine is the next and hottest modification section. 4G63 Mivec is powerful standard Evo engine. But, Raevo still need more power to test it in circuit. So, full Tomei will help this problem. Stroker Tomei kit become important part for its engine component. + 200 cc is very impressive with this car. HKS GT3037S that have housing 100 inlet and 50 outlet produce 0.60 A/R84 and huge intercooler from HKS too. 480 hps can easily reached with this car. And also, 295 km/h ever tested with this car. Brovo. I think need a lot of modification experience and long journey modification stories to done it well.
For the handling section, Raevo apply Tein Super Racing coilover. The another feature of this item is adjustable camber controlled automatically with Tein EDFC. This item is only plug-and-play because it bracket is designed to EVO. Volk Racing CE 28 red lips wheel is also improve handling of this car. Light weight and strong rims make this item usually applied in race theme car.
The driving impression of this car is very wild. Why not? 500 hps in metropolitan city, its very amusing. ACT Carbon fibre clutch make easy to push clutch in a busy city. The first and second gear can rreach up to 100 km/h. Ouch . How a good modification experience and modification story.
Complete specifications :
MODIFICATION HOUSE: Hikari, R.C. Veteran (Bintaro), Jakarta Selatan SPECIFICATIONS: Body kit Voltex Street Version II, engine hood carbon Seibon CW-Style, pilar garnis carbon Varis, trunk hood Varis, GT Wing Voltex type 5, windows garnis Rally Art, diffuser ruff Rally Art, talang air Rally Art, rear diffuser Voltex Street Version II, spion Ganador, velg Volk Race CE-28 18x9,5 inch, Advan Neova 265/35R18 tires, brake rotor front & rear AP Racing, brake caliper front & rear AP racing 6 pot & 4 pot, coilover Tein Super Racing, front sturt bar APP, rear sturt bar APP, turbocharger HKS GT3037S, external wastegate HKS, blow off HKS, intercooler HKS, oil catch tank GReddy, 2 oil coller GReddy, suction kit HKS, fuel presure Sard, water injector, oil catch tank GReddy, intercooler HKS, custom piping turbo, silicon hoses Samco Sport, extra fuel injector AEM, twin clucth ACT carbon, throttle body HKS Kansai, header HKS, exhasut kit Fujitsubo, stroker kit Tomei, kruk AS Tomei, camshaft ‘in’ Cosworth & ‘ex’ Tomei, valve spring & retainer Tomei, engine cover Rally Art, radiator cap GReddy, oil cap HKS, radiator Koyorad, steering wheels OMP, boos kit steering Rally Art, quick release OMP, auto meter indicator Defi, turbo timer A’PEXi, speedometer Rally Art, Tein EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller), bucket seat racing Bride Low Max, safe belt OMP, shift knob Tomei, pedal set Tomei, ECU Autotronic SM4, head unit Pioneer DEH P80RS, tweeter Crescendo, rear speaker Pioneer. .
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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Civic JGTC by BTX Concept

Civic, this car is very famous car among another car in the world. It offer dynamic control of handling, impressive performance, nice design both exterior and interior and also fuel efficiency. Oops, there one left, modification match streamline contained in Civic, so many tuner and people modify their Civic.

This car is one example of Civic that had been modified. But, look it for minutes, there no Civic shapes left. Only for its OEM headlamp that still remaining in this Civic. So, what is this. “This is Civic that was build with JGTC(Japanese Grand Touring Championship). So, there a few standard Civic OEM element.” Said Reindy, this Civic owner. Need a lot of modification experience and sharing modification story with other to make a brilliant result.
Body conversion is the most process in this car. JGTC cars is uniquely shown with wide bodykit, giant rear wing, attractive vinyls and monster performance. So, BTX Concept converse this Civic into JGTC car with cut some roof and redesign it to copy Integra roof and mirror. Need a much and lot modification experience to cut it for copy Integra design.
A very wild wide body also done for this car. 10 cm in front and 25 cm in rear make this Civic looks so racing and masculine. Custom bodykit is very match with this body conversion. After it, Super Deep Black coat from Spies Hecker covered it and Black doff thinner applied in this car. Look so racing. It will be a good modification experience and modification experience.
Integra rear lamp match with this Civic design. Another important item that simple but boombing is its under red vinyl and back-to-front yellow stripes that make the sporty aura risen. Good modification experience make a good modification result too.
The undercarriage sector were upgrade perfectly. NKB Cup 19x(10,5+12,5) inch velg, Continental SportContact 245/35R19 & 315/25R19 tires, coilover Buddy club and Brembo 6 pot brakes “live in” in this sector to optimize this car handling and style too.
Next, Interior. This car cabin were very racing aura. Simple and communicative. With six point of rollbar, made this car feel like real JGTC car in legal road area. An audio had been applied in this car but decreased by the meaning to reduce weight and optimizing its performance and concept. Real good modification experience to remind it.
For the engine sector, there many changed that one of the most changed is engine swap with K20A. Overall, this car is very nice and perfectly made by BTX Concept.
The specification are :
MODIFICATION HOUSE: BTX Concept, Kiara Condong, Bandung. SPECIFICATION: Custom body conversion Super GT look, wide body 20 cm front & 25 cm rear, chop top 10 cm front & 7 cm rear, Honda Integra mirror, rear wing custom super GT, Spies Hecker super deep black paint, doff Lesonal thinner, rear lamp Honda Integra, cutting sticker custom BTX Concept, mesin K20A, gearbox Honda Integra, kemp Wiseco 2700, piggyback Haltech Interceptor, mounting kit K20A, fuel pump Bosch, radiator Koyo, velg NKB Cup 19x(105+12,5) inci, ban Continental SportContact 245/35R19 & 315/25R19, coilover Buddy club From brake Brembo 6 pot , dashboard Honda Integra, Sparco steering wheel, Recaro seats, roll bar custom 6 point, head unit Pioneer DEH 7650USB, speaker performa 6 inch, 2 sub Cubic 12 inch, power performa 4 channel, power Braxton monoblock .
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