Thursday, August 27, 2009

American Style (Again) (Hilux 2008)

Maybe a trend, viruses or anything else but, the American style is booming in Indonesia. Sedans, hatchback, city car, SUV or Pick up affected with USDM style. Many people said there the USDM style uses big size rims, black or anything glamour color, blink – blink parts and low ride or short ground clearance

Many local tuners already has an USDM modification experience and modification stories. So, when we want to modify our car into a good USDM style, many tuners recommended.
This one is an example of Pick up USDM style. Owned by the Supermoto racer, this car look so tough and elegant also, like the USDM concept. Let see what happen with this Toyota pick up line up.
First, a bigger rims for bigger passion. They owner said “The USDM concept will be better to use a big size velg. It make the low rider impression feel stronger.” So, this car use 22 inch velg by Gazario Chrome. Yes, Chrome. Chrome is symbol of luxurious and low rider “blink-blink”. Wide body needed to make this Hilux seen bigger than standard. Yes, need a modification experience to do this.
Custom grille applied nice in this car. This grille uses 2 honeycomb wire that combined become one. So, the design is very close, solid and dense. The next, body color. Although the standard was black color, but the owner wants a shiny black color. So, Super Deep Black by Spies Hecker applied well in this pick up. It make the blink-blink “culture” improved.
The other modification inspiration for us is multifunction luggage or trunk. It has a different style than the other. The first step are to clear all of rope hook. Now, it’s look simple and elegant than before. The second is to change the stoplamp place into the corner. That makes the design looks integrated. And the most innovative one is the trunk that can used for save some items and also, the emergency stay room. Because, inside the luggage there a airbed to get some rest. Maybe a good modification experience and modification story to share with other.
Bravo Modification.
MODIFICATION HOUSES : Lm&T, P. Antasari, South Jakarta. SPECIFICATIONS : Spies Hecker super deep black, custom wide body, custom trunk, rear lamp Esuse, rear trunk handle bar Toyota Land Cruiser, custom fog lamp frame, custom grill, emblem Harley Davidson custom, custom muffler, velg Gazario chrome 22x10 inci, ban Achilles Desert Hawk UHP 265/35ZR22, front spring Toyota Crown, pres per daun belakang, rear shock absorber Suzuki Vitara, head unit 2-din TV Rockford Fosgate, steering wheel Issota, pedal set Issota, shift knob Issota.