Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Black Gundam. Ready! (GTR R35 2008)

Skyline is very popular car from Nissan. It caused by the performance and a good handling. The design of Skyline is very sporty improve the popularity of this car, both Japan and the world too. So, many tuners that have much modification experience and modification story modify this car, is to racing event or daily used.

GTR R35 is the last generation from legendary Skyline line up. This car have a much different with the R34 generation. R34 is very boxy style 2-doors with a beast engine. But now, R35 have a very aerodynamic design with exotic headlamps. The design is like the 350Z Fairlady smooth design with Skyline R34 boxy design. So, I think if we modify this car, we’ll get much modification experience and modification story.
Because the GTR R35 streamline is still good and sporty enough for the owner, it let be standard by the owner. Bodykit, velg and other exterior accessories is still standard. You look, it still ok huh? But, thee one part that aftermarket product. It’s the rear wing. Yes, a different type with the standard GTR version. This item from Amuse. Amuse has a much modification experience and modification stories with Nissan car, especially Skyline GTR. This rear wing is very impressive design and maximized the downforce, although reduce the top speed.
You know, is about US$ 80,000 to purchase this item. Wew, is not a small amount, but it equal with the quality that given by Amuse product. Yes, a much modification experience and much modification stories with Skyline GTR made Amuse become a famous tuner between GTR maniacs.
Because the reduced of top speed, the owner not let it be. He doesn’t want the essential of GTR, the performance were reduced. So, the owner do a “little” engine modification engine with HKS R35 GT570 package. Based by the number after “GT”. Its about amount that can maximally produced by GTR engine. So, 570 hp is impressive power and will give a good feedback. It can be, because HKS is very popular tuner that have a much modification experience. Wow, a nice modification story.
But, the owner still need more power! Although HKS parts give a sensational power, the owner wanted more! AP1 ECU Reflash give this car get more power up to 600 hp. 30 hp more than before. So, I think the owner that already has a much modification experience and modification stories too.
For the better handling, the owner makes a small change. The owner only changes the suspension with HKS Hipermax 3. A popular product, from popular tuner that has many modification experience and modification stories.
So, are you ready to ride it up? Lets see. .
MODIFICATION HOUSE : UFO-GR, Taman Margasatwa (Buncit), South Jakarta SPECIFICATION: Blow-off valve kit HKS Super SQV, intercooler pipe kit HKS, turbo actuators HKS, center pipe HKS, extension pipe HKS, pre-programmed boost controller EVC HKS, pressure release computer (PRC) HKS, Spark Plugs HKS M45HL, air filter HKS, ECU update Nissan, reflash ECU AP1, suspension HKS Hypermax III, wing Amuse, brake pad Sedoya.
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