Friday, July 10, 2009

Phantasma CL Chrome

Chrome, symbol of luxurious. Mercedes-Benz, symbol of luxurious too. So, what the great think would be happen when 2 symbol of luxurious fusion? The answer is Phantasma CL Chrome. This car would give you the most difference and luxurious modification experience. Whooo. . . This the complete modification story. .

Based by CL-class, the Phantasma build. CL-class is luxurious cuope from Mercedes line up. ASMA Design had done their Phantasma CL63 AMG perfectly. You know their phenomenal modification story and experience? They covered Phantasma CL63 AMG with chrome until side-to-side and detail-to-detail. . Whoww, its phenomenal. Maybe this car takes the inspiration from Swarovski SL class that shown in many international auto shows. .
The shiniest car must get the best bodykit. So, ASMA design made custom bodykit for their CL. Started from the front spoiler, “Death Vader” grill, unique side skirt design and exotic rear bumper and exhaust style. . It’s very complete modification experience. .
ASMA use a big wheelie for this CL. Multispoke chrome velg 22” with high performance tire 255/30 in front and 295/25 in rear. For the engine, ASMA still use the powerful standard CL63 engine 6.0 litre V12 turbocharged It produce 725 hp and 1.180 Nm torque just by a few settings. The CL acceleration is very impressive because only 3.8 second for 0 – 100 km/h. It give you the best modification experience, isn’t it?
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Corvette GTR by Specter Werkes

Corvette GTR is supercar from America. The standard Corvette already fast car, but Specter Werkes, modificator from Michigan, US, still want to upgrade Corvette GTR to its maximum power. This their complete modification story . .

The main project from Specter is the engine, besides the exterior and few upgrade interior. The exotic Corvette standard aerodynamic body made Specter must be careful when design their custom bodykit for this Corvette. With their modification experience, it’s look so proportional bodykit for Corvette. Look so aggressive and aerodynamic, it will inspire us when want to make custom bodykit for our car.
The aerodynamic component such as new front bumper, fender fin, air splitter and the doors by using carbon fiber material. Its make your Corvette proudly present as your modification story. . .For the undercarriage, Specter use lightweight rims 19” with extremely powerful tire from Michelin Pilot Sport Zero Press 289/30ZR19 front and 335/25ZR20.
And now, to their main project. Under-the-hood a.k.a engine. Their first upgrade is bore & stroke the standard engine from 6.2 litre to 6.8 litre. Owh, its very far changed cylinder volume and need a good modification experience. That’s make 80 more hp is reached. And for the balance, Corsa’s exhaust well applied in end of Corvette.
The next item that will found in this car is big brake kit 15” from Stop Tech with yellow finish for the caliper. Here the specifications :
Basic car : Corvette GTR
Engine : From 6.2 liters to 6.8 liters
Power engine : 615hp (459kW)
Torque : 578lb-ft (783Nm)
Wheels/tires : Forgeline VR3P 19 inch (front) 20 inch(rear), Michelin Pilot Sport 2 Zero Press rubber, 285/30ZR19 (front) and 335/25ZR20 (rear)
Brakes : Stop Tech 15 inch slotted brake discs and six pistons (front) couples with 14 inch and four piston (rear)
Exterior : Front and rear section, air splitter in carbon fiber, extractor hood, front and rear fenders, doors, rocker panels, and a rear air diffuser in carbon fiber
Interior : Spinneybeck leather trim accents
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Hamann BMW 7-series

Hamann are some of popular tuner, especially for BMW car. Hamann art of bodykit, engine, velg and accessories are very useful, well compound and high sense of art. It’s very compatible with luxury car such as BMW. And now, Hamann have a new special package for new 7 series. Watch the modification story. .

New 7-series is a limousine from the BMW line up. So, 7-series offer the President-class feature, design, and comfortable. But, it’s BMW. Not only the 1st class comfort-in-cabin status, it also offer a dynamic control of driver. Well, the standard 7-series already offer the best car quality, moreover when the 7-series modified by Hamann . . It could give us the best modification experience . .
Hamann give the new 7-series with bodykit, velg and exhaust system for a better driving pleasure with modification experience. The aerodynamic factor is caused by the spoiler lip with LED in its headlamp, rear spoiler with the best material, new design of side skirt with aerodynamic factor would be good by the design and the function. . .
The silincer exhaust could give a better performance and better sound from your niche car. Maybe lot of your friend would ask your modification story with Hamann 7-series. So for the undercarriage, Hamann use a lightweight rims 22’ titled Hamann HM EVO with black glossy finished, ultimate performance tire 265/30ZR22(front) and 295/25ZR22(rear).
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