Saturday, January 2, 2010

2 Fast 2 Furious Jakarta Drift (Mazda RX-7 1997)

2 Fast 2 Furious had much unique think to explore it. Some people with elite car modification experience and a lot car modification stories can find much inspiration from this movie. Andy Santosa is one of them that can get some modification inspiration in the 2 Fast 2 Furious movie.

With his RX-7, Andy starts his modification project to pimp up his car into his concept. His concept was taken in 2 Fast 2 Furious movie. The Tokyo Drift car’s make him enchanted. Racing Drift concept looks sexy when applied in this sexy FD3S. So, it’s only about the owner taste that combined with the owner modification experience.

Thaarthaa, after Andy modify it, him FD3S is very sporty look. C-West custom bodykit made it so prestige. Sporty platform of FD3S were upgrade into the next level, or maybe I can said “level up”. Custom carbon spoiler with hood is also make this “Fast” aura stronger. And also, the Volk Racing GT-C Face 1 make this under carriage section look so catchy. This FD3S got more aerodynamic design, elite appearance and also, “furious” concept.

But the sporty look will useless without better engine performance. Yeah, I know the 13BT-REW engine is very power engine, although in stock. But, will be better if this engine has an increase performance. Sure, but 13BT-REW engine is case sensitive engine, so need a lot of modification experience to take it into a better level (“level up”).

The most (and the important) changes of this 13BT-REW engine is the Turbo exchange. The standard turbo replaced with bigger turbine one, and bigger spooling also. Haltech E11V2 engine management system is required to match with the new bigger size of turbo. Yeah, synchronization that need a lot of modification experiences.

For this engine section, 320 hp is reached from this RX-7. So, the 247 hp on wheels (by dyno-test)is very powerful one, that maybe fear some car in street. :D . Great modification story about the engine and exterior section, but how with the handling section?

That we know, a big powerful engine will never match without the upgrade of the stabilization parts. (That maybe if we got to fast, without good parts of stabilization section, we’ll get accident!). So, the owner apply some exotic equipment. Such as adjustable suspension Tein, Michelin Pilot tyre, disk brake Brembo. Yeah, a great tuner that undoubt modification experience and modification story.

So, the interior is also equipped with high quality parts that make the racing aura look stronger than before. Although a better audio system, this modification is very “accept-to-concept”, that has synchronization, unity and quality.


Custom turbo kit, custom piping turbo, wastegate HKS, intercooler HKS, open air filter HKS, turbo hoses Samco, radiator cap ARC, pulley GReddy, custom carbon intake pipe, custom header turbo, knalpot HKS, engine management Haltech E11V2, adjustable suspension Tein, velg Volk Racing GT-C Face 1 19x(8,5+9,5) inci, ban Michelin pilot 235/35R19 & 255/35R19, kaliper brake RX-7, disk brake Brembo, custom body kit C-West, custom carbon engine hood C-West, custom carbon GT-Wing C-West, jok racing full bucket Bride, safety belt Schroth, setir Momo Racing, hand brake Momo Racing, shift knob Momo Racing, pedal set Momo Racing, turbo timer HKS, turbo controler HKS, kulit interior Autoleder


Hikari, Raya Veteran (Bintaro), South Jakarta

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