Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Land Cruiser AX200

Toyota Land Cruiser is true legendary SUV from the past world(haha). Because of it strength, performance, and durability, Land Cruiser became very popular and legendary car among Toyota products. Toyota Land Cruiser is often modified so, it has many modification experience and modification stories. Many tuner that already modify it. So, there a many product to apply nin Land Cruiser.

This Land Cruiser had changed for twice, and this photo session is the last changes. AX200 is the last Land Cruiser Generation that had given a good performance, better design and limousine luxurious. So, that very wise way to modify it with elegant or off-road concept. And didn’t need a much modification experience to apply it.
The most appearing item for this LC is the bodykit. Elford, is a brand from the Japan country. Via meiwa-net, front bumper, rear bumper, side skirt, over fender, tailpipe ala LS460, eye lid and mirror cover were ordered. It must purchase for US$ 40,000.
This bodykit made from FRP, that had been perfectly build and ensure the durability and resistance. It because Elford modification experience to build custom bodykit didn’t need to doubed.
The design of this bodykit is very aristocrat. Front bumper that simple but boombing, rear bumper with muffler that copy the Lexus LS460 design. Eye lid that make difference with other this Land Cruiser.
For the handling sector, this LC uses Zeal spring. It can reduce high about 3 – 4 finger. So, Velg iForged Technik looks very proportional with Land Cruiser body streamline. Very nice modification, that brings nice modification experience and also modification story.
MODIFICATION HOUSES: Triwa, Pondok Petir (Sawangan), Depok Audio: Baze Audio, Kedoya, Jakarta Barat Velg &: Permaisuri, Mahakam, Jakarta Selatan SPECIFICATION Front bumper Elford, rear bumper Elford, over fender Elford Aero Type, tail pipe Lexus LS460 Elford, mirror Rick’s, cover mirror Elford, eye lid JAOS, GPS Garmin, mirror D.A.D Garson, head unit Kenwood, power Rockford Fosgate, speaker 5.1 Rockford Fosgate, velg iForged Technik 24x10 inch, Toyo Proxes ST 305/35ZR24, Zeal spring.


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