Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX GSR by Raevo Hikari

Lancer Evolution. This car could be most legendary car for Mitsubishi. Started from 90’s, Lancer Evolution a.k.a Lance Evo or Evo became very popular sports car among fast car in the world. Lance Evo became some of most wanted sports car because it performance and handling equal with another sports car than have price doubled or tripled with Lance Evo. .

And now, the ninth generation of legendary Evolution, modified sharply with tuner that have many modification experience and modification story. So, what will happen in this Lancer Evolution IX GSR?
Based with sporty platform, made the tuner only to approve its inner beauty, speed and performance. So, street racing concept decided by the tuner. The first item that originally shown a street racing car is the bodykit. Voltex bodykit covered it well. In the front, we will look carbon fiber fender fin that improve downforce and also, street racing style. Voltex modification experience and long journey modification stories made many bodykit that have a good aerodynamic design.
The next primary exterior item is huge rear GT wing. Also from Voltex. This item really improve downforce for rear section that increase handling in high speed. This carbon fiber wing performed and designed perfectly through Voltex modification experience. The diffuser under this wing also minimize turbulence
Done with exterior, engine is the next and hottest modification section. 4G63 Mivec is powerful standard Evo engine. But, Raevo still need more power to test it in circuit. So, full Tomei will help this problem. Stroker Tomei kit become important part for its engine component. + 200 cc is very impressive with this car. HKS GT3037S that have housing 100 inlet and 50 outlet produce 0.60 A/R84 and huge intercooler from HKS too. 480 hps can easily reached with this car. And also, 295 km/h ever tested with this car. Brovo. I think need a lot of modification experience and long journey modification stories to done it well.
For the handling section, Raevo apply Tein Super Racing coilover. The another feature of this item is adjustable camber controlled automatically with Tein EDFC. This item is only plug-and-play because it bracket is designed to EVO. Volk Racing CE 28 red lips wheel is also improve handling of this car. Light weight and strong rims make this item usually applied in race theme car.
The driving impression of this car is very wild. Why not? 500 hps in metropolitan city, its very amusing. ACT Carbon fibre clutch make easy to push clutch in a busy city. The first and second gear can rreach up to 100 km/h. Ouch . How a good modification experience and modification story.
Complete specifications :
MODIFICATION HOUSE: Hikari, R.C. Veteran (Bintaro), Jakarta Selatan SPECIFICATIONS: Body kit Voltex Street Version II, engine hood carbon Seibon CW-Style, pilar garnis carbon Varis, trunk hood Varis, GT Wing Voltex type 5, windows garnis Rally Art, diffuser ruff Rally Art, talang air Rally Art, rear diffuser Voltex Street Version II, spion Ganador, velg Volk Race CE-28 18x9,5 inch, Advan Neova 265/35R18 tires, brake rotor front & rear AP Racing, brake caliper front & rear AP racing 6 pot & 4 pot, coilover Tein Super Racing, front sturt bar APP, rear sturt bar APP, turbocharger HKS GT3037S, external wastegate HKS, blow off HKS, intercooler HKS, oil catch tank GReddy, 2 oil coller GReddy, suction kit HKS, fuel presure Sard, water injector, oil catch tank GReddy, intercooler HKS, custom piping turbo, silicon hoses Samco Sport, extra fuel injector AEM, twin clucth ACT carbon, throttle body HKS Kansai, header HKS, exhasut kit Fujitsubo, stroker kit Tomei, kruk AS Tomei, camshaft ‘in’ Cosworth & ‘ex’ Tomei, valve spring & retainer Tomei, engine cover Rally Art, radiator cap GReddy, oil cap HKS, radiator Koyorad, steering wheels OMP, boos kit steering Rally Art, quick release OMP, auto meter indicator Defi, turbo timer A’PEXi, speedometer Rally Art, Tein EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller), bucket seat racing Bride Low Max, safe belt OMP, shift knob Tomei, pedal set Tomei, ECU Autotronic SM4, head unit Pioneer DEH P80RS, tweeter Crescendo, rear speaker Pioneer. .
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