Friday, July 10, 2009

Phantasma CL Chrome

Chrome, symbol of luxurious. Mercedes-Benz, symbol of luxurious too. So, what the great think would be happen when 2 symbol of luxurious fusion? The answer is Phantasma CL Chrome. This car would give you the most difference and luxurious modification experience. Whooo. . . This the complete modification story. .

Based by CL-class, the Phantasma build. CL-class is luxurious cuope from Mercedes line up. ASMA Design had done their Phantasma CL63 AMG perfectly. You know their phenomenal modification story and experience? They covered Phantasma CL63 AMG with chrome until side-to-side and detail-to-detail. . Whoww, its phenomenal. Maybe this car takes the inspiration from Swarovski SL class that shown in many international auto shows. .
The shiniest car must get the best bodykit. So, ASMA design made custom bodykit for their CL. Started from the front spoiler, “Death Vader” grill, unique side skirt design and exotic rear bumper and exhaust style. . It’s very complete modification experience. .
ASMA use a big wheelie for this CL. Multispoke chrome velg 22” with high performance tire 255/30 in front and 295/25 in rear. For the engine, ASMA still use the powerful standard CL63 engine 6.0 litre V12 turbocharged It produce 725 hp and 1.180 Nm torque just by a few settings. The CL acceleration is very impressive because only 3.8 second for 0 – 100 km/h. It give you the best modification experience, isn’t it?
Thank for reading my article . God Bless You . . .