Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Civic JGTC by BTX Concept

Civic, this car is very famous car among another car in the world. It offer dynamic control of handling, impressive performance, nice design both exterior and interior and also fuel efficiency. Oops, there one left, modification match streamline contained in Civic, so many tuner and people modify their Civic.

This car is one example of Civic that had been modified. But, look it for minutes, there no Civic shapes left. Only for its OEM headlamp that still remaining in this Civic. So, what is this. “This is Civic that was build with JGTC(Japanese Grand Touring Championship). So, there a few standard Civic OEM element.” Said Reindy, this Civic owner. Need a lot of modification experience and sharing modification story with other to make a brilliant result.
Body conversion is the most process in this car. JGTC cars is uniquely shown with wide bodykit, giant rear wing, attractive vinyls and monster performance. So, BTX Concept converse this Civic into JGTC car with cut some roof and redesign it to copy Integra roof and mirror. Need a much and lot modification experience to cut it for copy Integra design.
A very wild wide body also done for this car. 10 cm in front and 25 cm in rear make this Civic looks so racing and masculine. Custom bodykit is very match with this body conversion. After it, Super Deep Black coat from Spies Hecker covered it and Black doff thinner applied in this car. Look so racing. It will be a good modification experience and modification experience.
Integra rear lamp match with this Civic design. Another important item that simple but boombing is its under red vinyl and back-to-front yellow stripes that make the sporty aura risen. Good modification experience make a good modification result too.
The undercarriage sector were upgrade perfectly. NKB Cup 19x(10,5+12,5) inch velg, Continental SportContact 245/35R19 & 315/25R19 tires, coilover Buddy club and Brembo 6 pot brakes “live in” in this sector to optimize this car handling and style too.
Next, Interior. This car cabin were very racing aura. Simple and communicative. With six point of rollbar, made this car feel like real JGTC car in legal road area. An audio had been applied in this car but decreased by the meaning to reduce weight and optimizing its performance and concept. Real good modification experience to remind it.
For the engine sector, there many changed that one of the most changed is engine swap with K20A. Overall, this car is very nice and perfectly made by BTX Concept.
The specification are :
MODIFICATION HOUSE: BTX Concept, Kiara Condong, Bandung. SPECIFICATION: Custom body conversion Super GT look, wide body 20 cm front & 25 cm rear, chop top 10 cm front & 7 cm rear, Honda Integra mirror, rear wing custom super GT, Spies Hecker super deep black paint, doff Lesonal thinner, rear lamp Honda Integra, cutting sticker custom BTX Concept, mesin K20A, gearbox Honda Integra, kemp Wiseco 2700, piggyback Haltech Interceptor, mounting kit K20A, fuel pump Bosch, radiator Koyo, velg NKB Cup 19x(105+12,5) inci, ban Continental SportContact 245/35R19 & 315/25R19, coilover Buddy club From brake Brembo 6 pot , dashboard Honda Integra, Sparco steering wheel, Recaro seats, roll bar custom 6 point, head unit Pioneer DEH 7650USB, speaker performa 6 inch, 2 sub Cubic 12 inch, power performa 4 channel, power Braxton monoblock .
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Accord VTi by Griffin Leslie

Accord VTi by Griffin LeslieAccord is full size sedans from Honda. Accord is legendary car because it’s a long time journey of developing and changing proceed. This car is a last model of Accord. Its design is boxy with a large size and elegant look.

This Accord concept is elegant VIP car. The first part(and most important part) is bodykit. Griffin made it custom because in his mind, there still not yet good looking bodykit for new Accord(with his concept exactly). Through some modification experience and modification story, Griffin made Accord bodykit so precision. Elegant look, perfectly match with Accord streamline.
This custom bodykit designed to make Accord visualization looks perfect when his Air Suspension pressure in minimum. Yes, an import Air Suspension labeled Universal Air. It have 4 point specification that have a better performance then 2 point specification. This Air-sus is very sexy item when combined with Aicona ALC rims 20”, Wald inspired bodykit and also Accord design too. This is very perfect match because Griffin modification experience and modification experience.
This air suspension claimed the first 4 point air suspension in Makasar and Surabaya. What a cool stuff. 4 point air suspension offer a better performance because it type is adjustable self-by-self. Different with 2 point air suspension that only can adjust front side or back side.
Elegant concept isn’t enough when the interior is still standard and uncomfortable. So, Griffin uses Connoly leather seats. It’s cover all seats in cabin because the standart Accord VTi apply a fabric seats. Connoly modification experience and modification story made their product so excellent. The unique of this leather seats is temperature adjust changing. For example, in the hot season and daily daylight, this leather could be cool. After it, when the temperature is cold, this leather is became warm.
Another accessories in cabin supported by D.A.D Garson from Japan such as neck pad, pedal set, etc.
The specification are :
Modification house VAJ, Ambengan Jaya, Surabaya SPECIFIcCATION: Custom body kit + duck tail, custom eye lid, suspensi udara Universal Air 4 titik, velg Aicona ALC 31 20x(8,5+9,5) inci, ban Toyo Proxes 245/35ZR20 & 255/35ZR20, muffler Hanes Cayenne, pedal set D.A.D, GPS Nuvi 710, interior lapis kulit Conolly, neck pad D.A.D, key ring glass D.A.D, mink chrystal chain D.A.D, mirror vega D.A.D, hand phone holder D.A.D
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