Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ford Model A 1934 as Tarantula

This car had been modified fully by Veroland, the Harley Davidson builder. Veroland modification experience to make an awesome Harley released in thi car. Before this car, Veroland had a long modification story and modification experience to modifiy an old car. The previous car is about rat rod concept that uses a few accessories and less time. And now, Veroland want to taste a new modification experience to build a hot rod car.

Inspired by the cartoon by Ed Roth, Rat Fink, Veroland started his project and finished in 2 years. It caused Veroland wanted to get the maximal result. Based by Ford model A, this car was success build. And also, this car named “Tarantula” By Veroland. He wanted to show the world that his modification experience is enough to create a prestigious hot rod car.
This car appearance is like press from top that make it so flattened. So, a simple body streamline is the main show of this car. The curve of “Tarantula” is more smooth than the standard. It make the body become unity at once. It shown Veroland modification experience and modification story nothing to doubt again.
The simple body streamline shown by a few exterior accessories such as lis, door handle, sein and emblems. This car equipped with custom shave door, and most short hardtop! It could be sensational cause Veroland want this “Tarantula” become the shortest hardtop. A good goal make a good modification experience both modification story.
The Z-shape chassis made this “Tarantula” can be low ride. Especially, this car uses a very extreme rims size. It about 20” on front and 24” on rear. It caused Vero want the cabin equal with the wheel. And aslo, this car apply Air Ride Pro air suspension system that can bring this car into the lowest level and also improve the show too.
For the engine sector, Vero use V8 350 cid 5700 cc with some raxing parts. This engine chromed by Vero and it did because Vero want to show a low rider theme combined with hot rod car.
So, its very beautiful and nice car sir. How about you? Is this give you more modification experience?
MODIFICATION HOUSES : Kickass Choppers, Mampang, Jakarta Selatan SPESIFIKASI: Ford 1934 chassis, custom body, custom grill, velg Structure S40 20x8 inch & 24x11 inch, Toyo Proxes S/T 255/40R20 & Toyo Proxes S/T 325/45R24, suspensi udara Air Ride Pro, rear wheel axle Total Performance, Willwood 4 pot brake front and rear, automatic gearbox TH400, air filter K&N, Chevrolet small block V8 350cid engine, March Performance engine kit, reverse water pump custom, speedometer MPH Mooneyes, gauges (oil press, fuel level, volt meter) Auto Gauge, Billet Specialties steering wheel.
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