Monday, August 10, 2009

Gray Goes Great by Sonic Motorsport(SLK 350)

SLK 350 is very impressive sport car. With retractable hardtop, it make SLK so sexy. This gray SLK is also great too. Because the owner modification experience that make an interesting modification story, this SLK won the competition in U.S. So, lets see what had been done with this car. .

First, Brabus bodykit. For this one, Sonic Motorsport must purchase US$ 5,000. Isn’t cheap price maybe, but when we must control about the quality, I think Sonic got a deal price. It cause Brabus had a lot of Mercedes-Benz modification experience and modification stories. So, no doubt again. Especially for this part quality.
And the another important modification part, velg. The first velg edition used 20 inch in size. iForged 20 inch used because the owner look one of SLK R171 in a SLK forum that looks so tight and sexy. But, 20 inch is not a small size for a small car like SLK. With some modification experience and some modification story, this problem can be solved .by using 10 mm of spacer.
But, this iForged is A4 specification offset. So, with 8,5 inch wide on front and 10 inch on rear make many trouble appear after the installation. So, although Black matt inner disk with chrome lips finishing that the owner taste, Sonic feels better to changes it size. So, the project were started again.
With a patient, the owner with Sonic Motorsport find a same black matt chrome lips finishing lips in same forum. That’s DPE. With DPE 19 inch velg, this SLK feel better about the handling and the performance. So, we get the valuable modification experience and modification story to our modification knowledge. Size does matter! Although our taste is important, but the specification is also important too.
For the better handling, Sonic Motorsport used H&R coilover kit fir US$1,200. The better handling couldn’t be complete with a better brake performance. So, Sonic Motorsport applied a very popular brake barnd with most modification experience and modification story both, Brembo. US$ 2,700 must purchased for this item.
And, this one of special tips for you about the exhaust system. It’s about custom made freeflow system. This system is release the muffler from the exhaust system that make the performance going better but the sound going loud. So, when you apply this system, ready for the anger of some people that hate the loud.
MODIFICATION HOUSES: Body kit, velg, brake, muffler & accessories: Sonic Motorsport, Mountain View, California Bucket seat & installations: Car Nutz, St Bellevue, Washington SPESIFIKASI: Velg DPE signature series ST-5 19x(8,5+10) inch, ban Toyo Proxes4 225/35ZR19 & 245/35ZR19, coilover H&R, Brembo GT 4 pot brake, short air intake RAM, custom straight pipe, rear spoiler CF AMG, bonnet fin CF, antenna SL, Recaro Speed bucket seat, door pin Brabus, carpet Brabus, pedal set Brabus, shift knob Brabus