Thursday, July 9, 2009

Zonda Cinque Roadster

Pagani Zonda . When I hear about this merk, the first image that shown in my mind is . . . SUPERCAR. Very very wild and mostly rare supercar. Mostly after I heard the muffler sound from youtube . . Weerrr, its so scary anymous people when want to fight with Zonda. But, the bad think with Zonda is . . . .Zonda cant pass the Nurgbuging Le Mans 24 hour race. But it doesn’t matter. . Let us see this Zonda article . . Just prepare to a very wild modification experience. . .

The Pagani road car model range would not be complete without a Roadster version of the Zonda Cinque. As the name implies it is created in the Modenese Atelier in a limited production run of merely five exclusive pieces like its coupé sister.
All weight reduction measures adopted by Pagani to improve driving pleasure, performance and emission of the Zonda Cinque have found use in the Cinque Roadster as well. The Carbon-Titanium chassis has been redesigned for the compensation of a missing roof. Aww, should be a very nice modification experience when you drive this car and let people know you have one of this rare Supercar. .
This is the full stats of Zonda Cinque :
- Mercedes Benz AMG engine, Power: 678 hp, Torque: 780 Nm
- Carbon-titanium monocoque
- ECU, Traction control, ABS by Bosch Engineering
- Inconel/titanium exhaust system coated with ceramic
- Suspensions in magnesium and titanium
- Cima sequential gearbox (6 speed), robotized by Automac enginnering
- APP monolitic wheels forged in aluminium and magnesium Size: front 9x19 – rear 12,5x20
- Pirelli PZero tyres. Size: front 255/35/19 - rear 335/30/20
- Pagani leather/carbon fibre racing seats
- Brembo brakes in carbo-ceramic self ventilated with hydraulic servo brake, Size: front 380x34 mm, monolitic 6 piston caliper; rear 380x34 mm, monolitic 4 piston caliper
- Dry weight 1.210 kg
- Weight distribution in driving condition: 47% front, 53% rear
- Acceleration: 0-100 Km in 3.4 sec., 0-200 in 9.6 sec.
- Braking: 100-0 km in 2.1 sec., 200-0 km 4.3 sec.
- Maximum side acceleration: 1,45 G (with road tyres)
- Downforce at 300 kph: 750 kg
You see, 678 hp is very powerful when you drive it in metropolite road that have a stop-and-go condition. But, in my opinion, with about 7 litre of AMG engine, the 678 hp is not too special. . . But, this is ONLY in my mind. . 678 hp is very big power and give you the better modification experience. .
SLR can produce about 640 hp with 5.4 litre engine, so in my opinion, Zonda is very wasteful of fuel than other supercar in its class such as CCR, Enzo, Murcielago etc. Maybe many of you are very like the Zonda exterior design, but in my own opinion, Zonda is too unique that make my not to much interest with this car (except you want to give me free ^o^). . . Haha, maybe this artistic exterior because the much modification experience of the Zonda tuner. ..
In this Zonda editions, I like the color combination such as white basic paint with two tone black paint, and red stripe from the back to front in the Zonda top. This design maybe make you want to repaint your car with that color. . Because, its lokk so racing theme. . . Thank for reading my article . God Bless You . . .


Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 by Valentino Balboni

This Gallardo is the last model of Lamborghini long journey. Gallardo is very outstanding because equipped with the the 5.2 litre ten-cylinder: the perfect synthesis of hi-revving pleasure, pulling power, a constantly exuberant temperament and a powerful symphony played in all keys. . And this is the modificaton story. .

In the Valentino Balboni, the compact and lightweight power unit generates 405 kW (550 hp). At a dry weight of only 1,380 kilograms, this guarantees outstanding performance: the LP 550-2 is catapulted from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62mph) in a breathtaking 3.9 seconds, while the top speed of 320 km/h (199 mph) guarantees its place among the ultimate in super sports cars. . .
With the orange color, Galla looks so chic and matching with the white line vinyl in it top. We know, the previous Gallardo its very eye-catching with its yellow color (not only for Gallardo, Murcielago and other Lambrghini line up use the yellow color as the mascot like red with Ferrari), and now, the orange color show the same charisma . . . Anyone want to feel this modification experience??
We look, there only few upgrade from the Balboni with this exotic cars, because (maybe) the standar Galla is give enough driving pleasure. . . Balboni said that the orange (closely with gold maybe) inspired from the 70’s race car. Such as the dark grey finish of wheels, calipers color which match with the body color. . . So, if you have his car in your garage, would you tell this modification story to your friend??
This Balboni’s modification is for the art of colors priority, the interior quality and beauty, passion and so the prestige. Prestige? Yes because besides you drive the Lamborghini Gallardo (some of most wanted supercar), this special edition is only made by 250 in world wide . . . So, if you want a standar Lambo Gallardo with extra prestige factor, its not a wrong decision if you buy it. . . And you get the better modification experience too . . .
We can use the Balboni’s color mix n match to our car. The orange with white stripe vinyl in top, dark grey velg color and matcing color of brake caliper with the body color. . . The estimated price of Balboni’s Gallardo is US$ 219.800.
Thank for reading my article . God Bless You . . .


Gemballa Mirage GT Carbon Edition

For more than 25 years, the automobile manufacturer GEMBALLA Automobiltechnik GmbH & Co. KG builds exclusive sports cars which are based on the Porsche model range. This the modification story . .

And also the latest super sports car � the GEMBALLA MIRAGE GT Carbon Edition � limited to only 5 pieces will conquer the motor sports hearts of its future owners in supersonic speed. Based on the Porsche Carrera GT the specialists from Leonberg near Stuttgart present an extremely attractive version of the MIRAGE GT. Tnis car may bring your soul to the max point of modification experience.
The eye-catching main evolutionary characteristic is the GEMBALLA body element production in carbon fibre. But that is not all: ultra-light aerodynamics components which have been optimised in the wind tunnel and a power engine with powerful 670 hp top performance render an impressive top speed of 335 km/h. Ouch, how dare the modification experience offer with GEMBALLA. .
A ground-breaking, hydraulic, height-adjustable coilover kit is especially adjusted to the GEMBALLA wheel-tyre combination GT SPORT Forged and this interplay provides perfect road handling. And also the interior is upgraded from the floor room to the roof lining. Perfectly processed and stylishly arranged leather and carbon turn every Mirage GT cockpit into an exclusive unique masterpiece. Swear, nice modification experience. . .
This white car look so impressive, sporty and clean as a Supercar . The GEMBALLA had done this care wisely and perfectly from the aerodynamics, power, design and aesthetics. So, if you want to tell your modification story, do it proudly.
Do you ever ride this car? I was dreming to drive this car in the road. Did you know, the outstanding 3.7 sc acceleration from 0 – 100 km/h is very fast car esspecially you drive it in Indonesia mostly Bali, my hometown. Bali have a narrow road structure with a high activity, make you feel bombasstistitit when you drive this car in Bali.
A high output cars feels nothing with the pathetic control, so GEMBALLA made their special running gear and stability component. The running gear components in the MIRAGE are especially adjusted to the enhanced engine performance and sporty driving manner. Just think about the best modification experience. .
They consist of four individually adjustable coilover dampers in a unit with progressively coiled double springs. For everyday use, the electro-hydraulic height-adjustment is extremely innovative and enormously helpful. By pushing a button in the passenger compartment, it is possible to lift the body by 45 millimetres at the front- and rear axle and therefore allows driving over obstacles such as underground car park entrances and traffic ramps.
Also by pushing a button or by reaching 80 km/h, the MIRAGE lowers itself to its original level. As the perfect wheel-tyre combination, GEMBALLA gits the multi-part rims GT SPORT Forged in the dimension 9.5 x 19 and 12.5 x 20 with tyres in the serial measurement 265/35 ZR19 at the front axle and 335/30 ZR20 at the rear axle. Niceone, and at the time I get this car exactly I’ll tell my modification story to all of my friend . .Hahaha . . .
OK, we knoe that GEMBALLA MIRAGE GT Carbon Edition is very powerful and have a super handling. But, that still isn’t enough with the special interior desing and material. So GEMBALLA wrapped this car interior with very high quality of leather and carbon fiber panel for the racing atmosphere in cabin . . . .
In my opinion, the GEMBALLA design is very useful to apply in our car because, the simple and eye catching design will make use more pride to drive our car . . .
Thank for reading my article . God Bless You . . .
N.B : For more information about the extensive GEMBALLA refining programme, please visit the web site

Ferrari California By Edo Competition

This car, Ferrari California having been introduced to the world at the Paris Motor Show last October with Ferrari F430 Scuderia Spider 16M. The design of California’s is very representative with Ferrari design philosophy. . .

California is the coupe-convertible car (CC) that have retractable aluminum hard top, different with F430 Scuderia Spider that have canvas soft top. This the black California for display car feel so mysterious with the black color, black wheels, black tire(of course) and striking yellow color of big brake kit. . .Aw, this modification maybe sound good if you the Ferrari owner that want to taste the good modification experience. .
For those who wish to further personalize the appearance and performance of this exceptional sports car, Edo competition is now offering very special accessories.
Newly-developed wheel/tire sets in 20 and 21 inches are guaranteed to draw amazed looks from passers- by. . . Yeah, good modification story when you tell it to your friend.
The wheels are available in several attractive designs. Customers can also opt for a lowered ride height or the addition of a sport suspension system. The sport suspension is adjustable in both compression and rebound damping, allowing for a custom tailored ride for cruising, spirited driving, or competition. . .
To increase the power of this exotic toys, Edo Competition also offers custom ECU recalibration. After reprogramming the production ECU, the 8-cylinder engine now generates 367 kW (500HP) and 369 ft-lb of torque at 5,200 rpm. . . Just feel the amazing modification experience. .
In addition to the recalibrated electronics edo competition can install a newly-developed high performance exhaust system featuring adjustable butterfly valves and custom designed high flow catalytic converters with a 200 cell per square inch metal core. . . Just tell this modification story to your babes.. .
This well-matched combination enables the engine to develop its new-found power in an impressive manner. The treatment also provides a torque increase that is particularly noticeable in everyday driving. As a result, the performance figures of the edo California Spider are improved as well: It can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in a phenomenal 3.9 seconds and the top speed is an impressive 315 km/h (196 mph). I just only dream to apply this amazing modification experience.
As with all edo competition models, we set no limit to our customers’ imaginations. Special interiors or lavish leather upholstery, individual requests are accommodated and executed with quality. . I knew it because Edo Competition had many modification experiences.
The California velg design and performance modification could give us some inspiration and refence to modify our car. .
When you the lucky one person that have California in your own garage, you might be bring it to Edo’s so they can maximally your car . . .
Thank for reading my article. God Bless You . . .