Saturday, January 2, 2010

2 Fast 2 Furious Jakarta Drift (Mazda RX-7 1997)

2 Fast 2 Furious had much unique think to explore it. Some people with elite car modification experience and a lot car modification stories can find much inspiration from this movie. Andy Santosa is one of them that can get some modification inspiration in the 2 Fast 2 Furious movie.

With his RX-7, Andy starts his modification project to pimp up his car into his concept. His concept was taken in 2 Fast 2 Furious movie. The Tokyo Drift car’s make him enchanted. Racing Drift concept looks sexy when applied in this sexy FD3S. So, it’s only about the owner taste that combined with the owner modification experience.

Thaarthaa, after Andy modify it, him FD3S is very sporty look. C-West custom bodykit made it so prestige. Sporty platform of FD3S were upgrade into the next level, or maybe I can said “level up”. Custom carbon spoiler with hood is also make this “Fast” aura stronger. And also, the Volk Racing GT-C Face 1 make this under carriage section look so catchy. This FD3S got more aerodynamic design, elite appearance and also, “furious” concept.

But the sporty look will useless without better engine performance. Yeah, I know the 13BT-REW engine is very power engine, although in stock. But, will be better if this engine has an increase performance. Sure, but 13BT-REW engine is case sensitive engine, so need a lot of modification experience to take it into a better level (“level up”).

The most (and the important) changes of this 13BT-REW engine is the Turbo exchange. The standard turbo replaced with bigger turbine one, and bigger spooling also. Haltech E11V2 engine management system is required to match with the new bigger size of turbo. Yeah, synchronization that need a lot of modification experiences.

For this engine section, 320 hp is reached from this RX-7. So, the 247 hp on wheels (by dyno-test)is very powerful one, that maybe fear some car in street. :D . Great modification story about the engine and exterior section, but how with the handling section?

That we know, a big powerful engine will never match without the upgrade of the stabilization parts. (That maybe if we got to fast, without good parts of stabilization section, we’ll get accident!). So, the owner apply some exotic equipment. Such as adjustable suspension Tein, Michelin Pilot tyre, disk brake Brembo. Yeah, a great tuner that undoubt modification experience and modification story.

So, the interior is also equipped with high quality parts that make the racing aura look stronger than before. Although a better audio system, this modification is very “accept-to-concept”, that has synchronization, unity and quality.


Custom turbo kit, custom piping turbo, wastegate HKS, intercooler HKS, open air filter HKS, turbo hoses Samco, radiator cap ARC, pulley GReddy, custom carbon intake pipe, custom header turbo, knalpot HKS, engine management Haltech E11V2, adjustable suspension Tein, velg Volk Racing GT-C Face 1 19x(8,5+9,5) inci, ban Michelin pilot 235/35R19 & 255/35R19, kaliper brake RX-7, disk brake Brembo, custom body kit C-West, custom carbon engine hood C-West, custom carbon GT-Wing C-West, jok racing full bucket Bride, safety belt Schroth, setir Momo Racing, hand brake Momo Racing, shift knob Momo Racing, pedal set Momo Racing, turbo timer HKS, turbo controler HKS, kulit interior Autoleder


Hikari, Raya Veteran (Bintaro), South Jakarta

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

American Style (Again) (Hilux 2008)

Maybe a trend, viruses or anything else but, the American style is booming in Indonesia. Sedans, hatchback, city car, SUV or Pick up affected with USDM style. Many people said there the USDM style uses big size rims, black or anything glamour color, blink – blink parts and low ride or short ground clearance

Many local tuners already has an USDM modification experience and modification stories. So, when we want to modify our car into a good USDM style, many tuners recommended.
This one is an example of Pick up USDM style. Owned by the Supermoto racer, this car look so tough and elegant also, like the USDM concept. Let see what happen with this Toyota pick up line up.
First, a bigger rims for bigger passion. They owner said “The USDM concept will be better to use a big size velg. It make the low rider impression feel stronger.” So, this car use 22 inch velg by Gazario Chrome. Yes, Chrome. Chrome is symbol of luxurious and low rider “blink-blink”. Wide body needed to make this Hilux seen bigger than standard. Yes, need a modification experience to do this.
Custom grille applied nice in this car. This grille uses 2 honeycomb wire that combined become one. So, the design is very close, solid and dense. The next, body color. Although the standard was black color, but the owner wants a shiny black color. So, Super Deep Black by Spies Hecker applied well in this pick up. It make the blink-blink “culture” improved.
The other modification inspiration for us is multifunction luggage or trunk. It has a different style than the other. The first step are to clear all of rope hook. Now, it’s look simple and elegant than before. The second is to change the stoplamp place into the corner. That makes the design looks integrated. And the most innovative one is the trunk that can used for save some items and also, the emergency stay room. Because, inside the luggage there a airbed to get some rest. Maybe a good modification experience and modification story to share with other.
Bravo Modification.
MODIFICATION HOUSES : Lm&T, P. Antasari, South Jakarta. SPECIFICATIONS : Spies Hecker super deep black, custom wide body, custom trunk, rear lamp Esuse, rear trunk handle bar Toyota Land Cruiser, custom fog lamp frame, custom grill, emblem Harley Davidson custom, custom muffler, velg Gazario chrome 22x10 inci, ban Achilles Desert Hawk UHP 265/35ZR22, front spring Toyota Crown, pres per daun belakang, rear shock absorber Suzuki Vitara, head unit 2-din TV Rockford Fosgate, steering wheel Issota, pedal set Issota, shift knob Issota.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

United States Domestic Market (USDM) Style. (Civic EK4 1997)

Civic EK4 or many people said “Ferio Hatchback” is a rare car in Indonesia. So, may need an extraordinary treatment to keep the condition of that car. But, maybe because has a extraordinary modification experience and modification stories, the owner of this EK4 do some extraordinary habit. Yes, he modified his rare car to become faster and more passionate.

Civic is sporty based car. Improved with Honda label that often made a fast, sporty and daily use car, the project started. First, the exterior. Civic has a top-of-the-top type, named Type-R. So, this EK4 use the Type-R bodykit to get better appearance. A great solution. Maybe you get an inspiration or some modification experience and modification story.
The second one that gives a big compensation of this car exchange is the paint. The Electron Blue Pearl is one of the most favorite colors for American tuner. So, the USDM style had improved. This color had many time chosen because the blue color is like blurring smooth with the purple color. How a fantastic. So, do you get more inspiration now?
The next exterior parts that maybe give you more modification experience and also inspiration are the velg. The red colored Gab sports velg 16x7 inch combined with a blue body color? The owner said that in U.S, the bright colors for rims are popular. So, in my opinion, the color is like the famous Superhero, Spiderman. How a good information for us.
After the exterior already finished, now we move into the favorite sector for the owner. The engine. This B16A engine is most wanted engine from the VTEC lovers. It called “the real VTEC engine”. So, proudly the owners modify his engine to get better performance. It needs some engine modification experience and modification problem solving. Yes, because this engine were rare too.
This are some changes that already done for this car. Bore and stroke process. The engine capacity increased into 2000 cc, and CP piston applied well. And next, to get higher engine compression until 12,5 : 1, Mugen gasket used. Mugen is very popular tuner especially with Honda cars. Mugen modification experience, modification stories and modification parts are no doubt again.
JG valve applied because for the better fuel flow. For a rich fuel at high RPM, Throttle body BDL Race Type size 70 applied. There still many changes than had been done for this EK4. You know about this car max power? 278 hp on engine for N/A engine. It can handled with DC2 gearbox for a precision shift. So powerful hah?
For the racing aura completed, the interior must been modified too. Spoon steering wheel, DC5 semi bucket seats, oil pressure meter, tachometer and water temperatuer from Autometer. Yes, a good modification experience and also, modification stories too. So, whenever you have an exotic rare car, lets modify it.
Bravo modification!
MODIFICATION HOUSES: Engine: Sigma Speed, Gatot Soebroto, South Jakarta. Velg & undercarriage: D11, Buah Batu, Bandung. Erwin thanks to: Mr. Soleh Yusuf & Indra Wijaya (Sigma Speed) for engine building, Henry & Hendra for bodyworks, Boim D11 for suspensions, Auto Mobile Bandung SPECIFICATIONS: Dupont electron blue pearl paint, engine hood carbon Mugen, hood pins Sparco, body kit Civic Type R EK9, head lamp HID Phillips HID 8.000 K, port & polish & bore up 2.000 cc, pistons sets CP, piston bar Carillo, camshaft JG Stage 3, camgear JG, valve springs JG, race valves JG, retainers titanium JG, timing belt Power Enterprise, head gasket Mugen, thermostat Spoon, fan switch Spoon, intake manifold JG Edelbrock Victor-X, metal sit & go Clevitte, throttle Body BDL Race Type 70 mm, gearbox Honda Integra DC2 Type-R, clutch set ACT street clutch, flywheel Toda, remapped ECU (Hondata chip), piggyback Dastek Unichip, injector Venom, fuel pump Wallbro, header ORD Racing, custom muffler 2,5 inci, radiator Honda Accord, custom air intake, air filter K&N, koil Jacobs, burning computing MSD 6AL, spark cable NGK, valve cover Mugen, oil cap Mugen, oil catch tank Greedy, oil cooler Mocal, shock absorber & spring Drummond Motorsports, brake pads Endless, brake line Project ยต, velg Gab Sport 16x7 inch, ban Bridgestone Turanza 195/55/16, front & rear strut bar Spoon, rear lower strutbar Spoon, steering wheel Spoon, quick release Daichii, semi bucket seats Recaro DC5 Type-R, shift knob Spoon, tachometer Auto Meter, indicator (clock, oil pressure, water temperature) Auto Meter.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Red Ready Ride (Mercedes 300CE 1989)

Mercedes – Benz had been very popular brand in the luxurious class vehicle. So, although this car was an old one, but the Mercedes Benz charisma still in this car. Now, is only about our modification experience and modification stories too restore condition of these car.

300CE is elegant based car. In this case, elegant concept modification better to do because we may get better result. So, because of it, the owner applies that concept into a good result. The most eye catching modification is about he paint. This color is very rare applied with 300CE owners. Because black, white, silver or brown is popular colors for this car. The tuner and the owner modification experience and sense of art made this color is very suitable for this car.
And the bodykit…. Looks! An original bodykit from Germany, most Mercedes popular tuner, AMG. So, this item is very high class, isn’t it? Is very rare item because many local tuners used a copy or replica of AMG bodykit, especially for an old one. The senses of modification art were very consistent and high end class.
The chosen velg for this car is Leading Edge 19x(8,5+9,5) inch. Is very elegant sporty model that can improve the elegant and sporty character in this car. Another modification inspiration for us is the black grille. Because the red body color, the black grille were very eye catching and sporty. This shown both the tuner and the owner has a good modification experiences and modification stories.
In the interior sector, we will look a very luxury, personal and high quality aura. Yes, same as the bodykit, AMG brand has covered all of the interior parts. Such as steering wheel, gear knob, pedal set, door pins and etc. So, AMG Mercedes modification experiences and modification stories guarantee their product for all of Mercedes line up.
So, lets see. The old one car can be better than a new one because of modification. Bravo modification. Viva
MODIFICATION HOUSES: Cat: Arizta, RC Veteran, South Jakarta Black wood panel: Dios Wood Panel, Raya Bogor Km. 26 (Cibubur), Jakarta Timur Aksesori: Variasi Variasi, Pasar Mobil Kemayoran, Jakarta Pusat SPECIFICATION: Custom red body paint, body kit AMG, projector head lamp, LED tail lamp, aftermarket tail pipe, custom duck tail, add on side fins, black CL class grill, sokbreker & per Bilstein, velg Leading Edge 19x(8,5+9,5) inch, Accelera 225/35ZR19 & 235/35ZR19 tires, custom black wood interior, airbag steering, aftermarket gear shift knob & pedal set, aftermarket door pins & instrument cluster, alarm Clifford, head unit Pioneer single DIN, remote control steering wheel Pioneer, film layer 3M black shades .


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Black Gundam. Ready! (GTR R35 2008)

Skyline is very popular car from Nissan. It caused by the performance and a good handling. The design of Skyline is very sporty improve the popularity of this car, both Japan and the world too. So, many tuners that have much modification experience and modification story modify this car, is to racing event or daily used.

GTR R35 is the last generation from legendary Skyline line up. This car have a much different with the R34 generation. R34 is very boxy style 2-doors with a beast engine. But now, R35 have a very aerodynamic design with exotic headlamps. The design is like the 350Z Fairlady smooth design with Skyline R34 boxy design. So, I think if we modify this car, we’ll get much modification experience and modification story.
Because the GTR R35 streamline is still good and sporty enough for the owner, it let be standard by the owner. Bodykit, velg and other exterior accessories is still standard. You look, it still ok huh? But, thee one part that aftermarket product. It’s the rear wing. Yes, a different type with the standard GTR version. This item from Amuse. Amuse has a much modification experience and modification stories with Nissan car, especially Skyline GTR. This rear wing is very impressive design and maximized the downforce, although reduce the top speed.
You know, is about US$ 80,000 to purchase this item. Wew, is not a small amount, but it equal with the quality that given by Amuse product. Yes, a much modification experience and much modification stories with Skyline GTR made Amuse become a famous tuner between GTR maniacs.
Because the reduced of top speed, the owner not let it be. He doesn’t want the essential of GTR, the performance were reduced. So, the owner do a “little” engine modification engine with HKS R35 GT570 package. Based by the number after “GT”. Its about amount that can maximally produced by GTR engine. So, 570 hp is impressive power and will give a good feedback. It can be, because HKS is very popular tuner that have a much modification experience. Wow, a nice modification story.
But, the owner still need more power! Although HKS parts give a sensational power, the owner wanted more! AP1 ECU Reflash give this car get more power up to 600 hp. 30 hp more than before. So, I think the owner that already has a much modification experience and modification stories too.
For the better handling, the owner makes a small change. The owner only changes the suspension with HKS Hipermax 3. A popular product, from popular tuner that has many modification experience and modification stories.
So, are you ready to ride it up? Lets see. .
MODIFICATION HOUSE : UFO-GR, Taman Margasatwa (Buncit), South Jakarta SPECIFICATION: Blow-off valve kit HKS Super SQV, intercooler pipe kit HKS, turbo actuators HKS, center pipe HKS, extension pipe HKS, pre-programmed boost controller EVC HKS, pressure release computer (PRC) HKS, Spark Plugs HKS M45HL, air filter HKS, ECU update Nissan, reflash ECU AP1, suspension HKS Hypermax III, wing Amuse, brake pad Sedoya.
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Dramatically Facelift (CLK230 2000)

Mercedes-Benz is one of the famous top line luxurious car brands. When someone have a Mercedes, it’s look so rich and elegant. So, what will you do when you have an elder one, but there still the Benz charisma? Yes, facelift modification. That will give us a good modification experience and modification story.

This one happen with this car, Mercedes Benz CLK 230. CLK is different with SLK especially in the hood (Hard top with Coupe Convertible). CLK is sporty based line up from Mercedes Benz. So, when you want to facelift with modify CLK, I recommended to modify it with sporty elegant theme that will accommodate all of CLK element. Yes, let us brainstorming our modification experience and modification story.
Yes, DS Autogarage that modify this CLK. The concept of this modification its convert CLK230 2000 into CLK 63 AMG. So, lets see that had been changed in this car. The most important part is bodykit. Custom bodykit from DS Autogarage that copy the CLK 63 AMG model applied well in this car. So, DS Autogarage that has a lot modification experience and modification story success to design this car bodykit perfectly.
The another important part for the elegant sporty theme is velg. DPE RO5 applied perfectly in CLK fender. 20” (9,5 x 10,5) inch is large size, but with some modification experience and modification story, this can used well.
The most interesting part is the crystal head lamp. This one is very rare and special item for W208. So, when the tuner find this item, it applied very perfect in CLK. “Because it’s an OEM part, so it will applied very well”. This item make the overall of this facelift become so nice. Again, it will give us a good modification experience both modification story.
Yes, overall of this CLK 63 AMG concept finished well with some AMG emblems in back side and front side . For the last finishing, Brilliant Silver from Spies Hecker make this car fell “younger” than the standard. Very nice car.
MODIFICATION HOUSES : DS Autogarage, Kenjeran Raya, Surabaya SPESIFIKASI: Custom body kit CLK 63 AMG Black Edition, head lamp Mercy W208 crystal clear, stop lamp W208 crystal Clear, per H&R, velg DPE R05 20x(9,5+10,5) inch, ban Nankang 225/35R20 & Toyo Proxes4 275/30R20, AMG 4 pot brake calipers, disk brake AMG 355 mm, AMG quad tail pipe muffler, shift knob Mercedes-Benz wood, stir wood Mercedes-Benz, head unit Alpine 9855, sub Diamond 10 inch, power Audision VRX 2400, cap bank Brax 1 F.
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Special “Lizard” from Porsche (Cayman 2009)

Porsche is very spectacular sports car from Germany. This manufacturer was some first sport car manufacturer in the world. Porsche have many product line up especially for coupe. But, nowadays, Porsche has a SUV and big Sedans saloon. So, Porsche was listed by world in some exotic car. How about to modify it? Don’t worry, because there’s many tuners that have a lot of modification experiences and modification stories.

This Cayman is the last model of Cayman. Cayman is a model that combine some element of legendary Porsche car, 911 with the lowest class in Porsche line up, Boxster. It take between the price and feature from both 911 and Boxster too. So, we look the front side of Cayman, it take the 911 model. And for the back side, it take Boxster style. So, let the popular tuner that have a lot of modification story and modification experience take the portion to modify it.
Because the price factor and the exoticism matter, the owner didn’t want any custom parts or unpopular tuner to take a portion to modify it. And, the owner trust TechArt to modify his Cayman. That we know, Cayman is very impressive car. And TechArt is very popular tuner that already often modifies Porsche line up.
TechArt were very often modifies Porsche line up. So, their modification experience is nothing to doubt again. Yes, they also have a many modification story too. The most appearing parts from TechArt is the bodykit. Lips spoiler add on is very reasonable to applied in this car. Yes, because this exotic car has an exotic streamline too that seems pity to break it.
The second parts that takes a special look for this Porsche is the velg. It 5-spoke with brush finishing in 19 inch looks very sporty (and lightweight too). Seems TechArt modification experience and modification story is too perfect to design body parts for Porsche. Nice one.
MODIFICATION HOUSES : Concept Motorsport, Kelapa Gading Permai, North Jakarta SPESIFIKASI: Lips spoiler TechArt, wing TechArt Type I, TechArt mirror, velg TechArt 19x(8,5+11) inch, Toyo Proxes tire T1R 235/35ZR19 & 285/30ZR19, coilover TechArt, TechArt muffler, door sill plate TechArt .
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Gray Goes Great by Sonic Motorsport(SLK 350)

SLK 350 is very impressive sport car. With retractable hardtop, it make SLK so sexy. This gray SLK is also great too. Because the owner modification experience that make an interesting modification story, this SLK won the competition in U.S. So, lets see what had been done with this car. .

First, Brabus bodykit. For this one, Sonic Motorsport must purchase US$ 5,000. Isn’t cheap price maybe, but when we must control about the quality, I think Sonic got a deal price. It cause Brabus had a lot of Mercedes-Benz modification experience and modification stories. So, no doubt again. Especially for this part quality.
And the another important modification part, velg. The first velg edition used 20 inch in size. iForged 20 inch used because the owner look one of SLK R171 in a SLK forum that looks so tight and sexy. But, 20 inch is not a small size for a small car like SLK. With some modification experience and some modification story, this problem can be solved .by using 10 mm of spacer.
But, this iForged is A4 specification offset. So, with 8,5 inch wide on front and 10 inch on rear make many trouble appear after the installation. So, although Black matt inner disk with chrome lips finishing that the owner taste, Sonic feels better to changes it size. So, the project were started again.
With a patient, the owner with Sonic Motorsport find a same black matt chrome lips finishing lips in same forum. That’s DPE. With DPE 19 inch velg, this SLK feel better about the handling and the performance. So, we get the valuable modification experience and modification story to our modification knowledge. Size does matter! Although our taste is important, but the specification is also important too.
For the better handling, Sonic Motorsport used H&R coilover kit fir US$1,200. The better handling couldn’t be complete with a better brake performance. So, Sonic Motorsport applied a very popular brake barnd with most modification experience and modification story both, Brembo. US$ 2,700 must purchased for this item.
And, this one of special tips for you about the exhaust system. It’s about custom made freeflow system. This system is release the muffler from the exhaust system that make the performance going better but the sound going loud. So, when you apply this system, ready for the anger of some people that hate the loud.
MODIFICATION HOUSES: Body kit, velg, brake, muffler & accessories: Sonic Motorsport, Mountain View, California Bucket seat & installations: Car Nutz, St Bellevue, Washington SPESIFIKASI: Velg DPE signature series ST-5 19x(8,5+10) inch, ban Toyo Proxes4 225/35ZR19 & 245/35ZR19, coilover H&R, Brembo GT 4 pot brake, short air intake RAM, custom straight pipe, rear spoiler CF AMG, bonnet fin CF, antenna SL, Recaro Speed bucket seat, door pin Brabus, carpet Brabus, pedal set Brabus, shift knob Brabus